Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lock It In

This was the third time. We’ve had our car about 8 months. It doesn’t have automatic locks, so I can’t figure it out. Since I seldom lock my car, I was especially baffled the first time. I accidentally locked my keys in my car. When Friend-husband came to rescue me he broke down on the freeway. I ended up spending the night at my niece's home and calling a locksmith in the morning.

The second time was also at my niece's house. I had a funny feeling that I should be sure to keep my keys with me, even though I was going to be in and out. You guessed it. I accidentally locked my car. So glad I had listened to that feeling and held on to my keys.

This Sunday after Church I found my car locked with the keys inside. How did it happen? I opted for a ride home. Friend-husband and I would return later with his keys. He was in a meeting and it seemed the easiest way to work things out.

Strangely, when we returned with Hubby’s keys, my car was not locked, and it was parked in a different place. What? Oh, yeah. I remember now that I ran home during Church for something I had forgotten and lost my parking place. That other car,…the one that was locked earlier…it wasn’t mine. ( Sheepish grin.) Now please, don’t remind me that I’m getting old. (It was my birthday, by the way.)

Memories play tricks on us sometimes. I bet it’s happened to you, too. Cars are not the only things with locks. Accidentally locking my car is a little frustrating, but what else am I locking? Am I locking in feelings of self-doubt, insecurity, not good enough? Am I locking out feelings of confidence, talent, abundance? In other words am I limiting myself because of my belief that I am not enough?

When we close our doors against feelings of self-worth we create limiting beliefs and those beliefs can be big obstacles. If we accidentally lock those beliefs in, how will we find the success we desire and deserve? When we lock in limiting beliefs we lock out abundance, creativity, possibilities, and joy.

Unlock your heart. Let go of your limiting beliefs. Let go of fear and disappointment. Let them out. Make room for peace, faith, confidence, hope, and joy. Remember that you are amazing, talented, capable, and gorgeous. Remember who you are. Lock it in.

Linda Garner

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