Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spam (not the kind you eat)

A few days ago, I discovered an enormous amount of spam on my website. Over 9,000 spam comments had been posted on the website for my book, Some Secrets Hurt. Deleting as fast as I could I was able to delete about 4,000 comments in about 3 hours. As soon as I left, new spam appeared, and I knew I could never do this alone. I asked my web administrator for help and he cleaned up the site and put new controls in place.

This experience reminded me of the negative messages that surround us. The negative things we hear, see, and experience are like spam. Our world is filled with unsolicited, unhelpful words that clutter our thoughts and drag us down.

Spam can be a nuisance on any site, but if we are not watchful, it may find its way onto our hard drive where the damage can be extensive and hard to reverse.

Whether we like it or not, negative messages have an impact on the way we see ourselves. We need to get rid of that negative energy. Let's hit the delete key as often as we need to, and then get help from loving friends and family to clean up our environment. We may even need to get help from our site administrator to help us clean things up.

In this case, my site administrator is a loving Heavenly Father. I know I can trust him to help me understand my true worth.

I invite you to join me on my journey of self worth. This site will be built on positive messages. Consider it your weekly dose of self worth.

Isn't time you learned to love yourself?

Linda Garner


  1. Hi linda, I am so sorry you had that eperience...but look what it brought to you...this nice website where many will benefit from your writings, and thoughts. I am trying to give myself more positive self talk already, because I know the ill effects of it's negative counterpart. Good luck to you in this new adventure, and I will be looking forward to future posts.

  2. Moving to Houston I lost myself a bit three years ago but slowly have gained my self worth back through writing and spending such a fabulous time with new people. It's changed me.

  3. I agree that it's time to start loving ourselves! :) What a wonderful message from a bad experience. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great analogy! We work with an AR group, and that will be helpful for them.