Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Toxic Waste

No kidding: It said it was bad for you

Have you ever eaten one of these? I haven’t. I’ve never even seen one. The title is intriguing. Can you imagine: Toxic Waste? Nuclear Sludge? Sounds delicious, right?

Did you hear the news? The Toxic Waste candy bar has been recalled. Turns out, it has high levels of lead and is indeed toxic. A clever marketing tactic gone bad. One headline read No kidding: It said it was bad for you.

Even without the high levels of lead, I’m not sure I could ever put something called Toxic Waste into my body. Just goes against my grain. Maybe you’re not as sensitive to the label as I am, but now that you know the truth, I’m confident that you would avoid it.

We wouldn’t put toxic waste into our bodies, but what are we putting in our minds? The air is filled with toxic waste, and I don’t mean air pollution. I’m not just talking about the obvious things like pornography and filthy language. I’m talking about the negative messages we absorb every day.

Gossip, arguments, comparisons all take a toll on our well-being, and so do the implied expectations that we should look and act like movie stars and fashion models. There is a lot of fat talk circulating. When we indulge in fat talk or other trash talk about our bodies we not only sabotage our efforts to feel good about ourselves, but we sabatoge our body’s ability to support us. Thinking negative thoughts about your body make it that much harder for your body to do it’s amazing work.

You wouldn’t talk that way to your best friend. Why would you talk that way to yourself?

Bad habits are sometimes hard to change. The quickest way to diffuse the toxic waste is appreciation. Find things to appreciate. Appreciate those around you. Appreciate your family and your friends. Appreciate your comforts, your blessings, your opportunities. Appreciate your talents and your abilities. Take time to think about your amazing body and appreciate what it does for you each and every day. Your body shows up for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That is incredible.

Thank your body for its tireless service. Do something nice for your body today.

Toxic Waste? Who needs it?

Linda Garner

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